Science Of Creativity – A Beautiful Thing

Science Of Creativity – A Beautiful Thing

Research about the brain is always progressing! There are neuroscientists and doctors trying to find answers to so many different questions about the brain. This is because the brain is one of the most complex organs of our body. Recently, there was a research conducted in which MRIs and AI were used that was able to measure or predict the creativity levels of individuals quite accurately.
The concept of the brain’s creativity is still evolving, and there are many experiments and theories on the same.

The neuroscience behind the brain’s creativity

It is already known that different sections of the brain handle different tasks of the body. However, when the talk is about creativity, there is no dedicated region that you can blame for it! There are three networks in the brain, out of which the default one is inactive. The second one handles decision making and emotions. Lastly, the third network is responsible for determining the things that you do notice and the things that you do not.
As for creativity, there is a theory or belief that scientists have. It is that all three networks work in unison and are responsible for creativity. The first network is responsible for the generation of ideas; the second network evaluations these ideas, and the last network decides which ideas should pass through.

Creativity: A blend of genetics and experience

After MRIs and AI were able to predict creativity, it can be believed that there exists a measure for it, and hence, you can determine if one person is more creative than the other. Science suggests that one’s creativity is a result of their genetics as well as experience. This implies that one can enhance their creativity too!
There is no denying that scientific theories exist that claim that creativity is passed on in families. Also, there were different things noticed about it. For instance, it was found that there are comparatively smaller connections between the right and left hemispheres of the brain for relatively more creative people.
For every scientific theory that comes up related to creativity, there’s a coupling psychological theory too. Also, science has shown that it is possible to cultivate creativity in an individual at any age. This is the reason that there are several activities that can enhance one’s creative skills.

It is possible to boost up your creativity

Experience, practice, and play all play a crucial role in enhancing one’s creativity. That is, these three things can actually improve an individual’s creative skills. Also, indulging in a particular art form for a longer time and brainstorming can help improve ideas in that field. It is important to understand that creativity is not enhanced overnight or in a short duration. One can cultivate it through different innovative habits and a little hard work too!

At the same time, it is important to understand that there are factors that can bring down your creativity level too. Yes, it is saddening that you can lose your creative skills. There are quite a few factors like working in the same place every day, dealing with stress or even fear of failing at something can bring your creativity down. Therefore, keep doing different things, brainstorming, and enhance your creative skills.

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