Ways to boost your brain’s creativity

Ways to boost your brain’s creativity

Most people believe that creativity is something that you are born with. However, research has shown that this trait can be honed through habit. Through the persistence and right practice, the brain can be rewired for generating original ideas and making the most of the person’s inherent ability. All you need to do is select your favorite creative pursuits and do it regularly. Once you start your creative muscles, your brain starts to innovate naturally. Also, creative practices can be used to reduce stress and improve problem-solving skills. In this article, we bring you ways of boosting your brain’s creativity:


The best and surest way of boosting your creative thinking is trying. When people are trying to think clearly, they always can. The idea behind this is that the more you do something with your brain, the stronger connections the cells will have. But for doing this, you will have to dedicate more time to active thinking. This means that you would have to cut yourself off from email, social media, etc. It will help in unlocking the slow and digressive parts of your brain that are the key to creativity.

Changing your surroundings

Data has shown that creativity can improve by making small changes in the surroundings. This change can be as small as a warm cup of tea of a different color in the room. Rearrange your desk a little bit and orient yourself in a different manner. These changes are not limited to your physical surroundings but also to your social setting. Meet new people with different personalities and from different departments. Even a small adjustment can lead to a significant boost in creativity.


It’s time to go down the internet rabbit hole. Research has shown that when you broaden your knowledge of unfamiliar topics, you will be able to develop divergent thinking and new ideas. There is an exercise called ‘the expert’s group.’ In this, people with extensive knowledge of topics like the history of watches and the construction of shoes give five minutes long lectures. After this, everyone has to come up with at least 3 new ideas for products and services. When you do exercises like this, it is possible that you won’t be seeing any use of this knowledge. However, when you are facing a certain challenge, all this knowledge will come together.

Capturing new ideas

As you grow old, you might not be getting as many creative ideas as you used to. So, when you come up with an idea, it is important to capture it. What you can do is make a point of preserving the idea. You can write it in a notebook or smartphone note. Once you have recorded the idea, you can evaluate it later. This is probably the most important aspect of boosting creativity.

Challenging yourself

Challenges can be seen as a catalyst for us to come up with spontaneous solutions or ideas, and think creatively. To stimulate yourself at work, you can take on a challenge in your industry or set a time limit. Ask yourself what the overarching questions and issues in the field are and start to brainstorm open-ended solutions.

Now, all of these methods can be effective in boosting your brain’s creativity. However, there is not a fixed solution or a series of steps that you can do for this. All you can do is try your best and then try some more.

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