Thanksgiving Is Good For The Brain: How Do Celebrations Benefit The Brain?

Thanksgiving Is Good For The Brain: How Do Celebrations Benefit The Brain?

Thanksgiving is that time of the year when everybody is in a jolly mood. It’s a time of gratitude along with mashed potatoes and stuffed turkey. People in America love this holiday as they get to spend precious time with their close friends and family. However, there is more to Thanksgiving than just a happy stomach. Celebrations like Thanksgiving also leave a positive impact on the brain. Here is how celebrations benefit the brain.

Reduces chances of depression

A certain study shows that gratitude is not compatible with depression or any negative thought. Therefore, at the time of Thanksgiving, the chances of someone going into depression are significantly less. Even anxiety disorder and phobia are less associated at this time of the year. Surprisingly, being thankful for others can help your brain in ways you wouldn’t even have imagined.

Improve the relationships

It is that time of the year when you can finally leave work and spend some quality time with the people you love. So if you are tired of arguing or fighting with someone, show gratitude, and forgive them. It is merely the willingness to forgive that can bring the brain to positive functioning. Also, gratitude increases the connection in a relationship, and when it is reciprocated, it can lead to the rebuilding of broken relationships.

You feel better

Multiple studies show the link between subjective well-being and gratitude. Moreover, if you feel better about yourself, self-acceptance, pleasantness, self-esteem, purpose in life, and personal growth, all get a clearer perspective. During this time of the year, most people leave all their troubles to find and spend time with the people who matter. Also, when the Thanksgiving period is over, you come back as a refreshed and clear-minded person.

Less stress

Gratitude leads to reduced levels of stress over a period of time. This is mainly because you start focusing on bigger things and not just yourself. You can improve your health because of gratitude by releasing stress. You will be able to do your tasks with a much open mindset and actually love doing it once the festive period is over and you are back to work.

Get quality sleep

The daily routine of waking up with your alarm clock ringing next to you with still hours of sleep left in you will all be forgotten. Gratitude is significantly vital for sleep. People who are thankful for experience significantly lesser sleep harming cognitions. You will get better sleep quality for a longer time and better day functioning. Therefore, during Thanksgiving, not only you have more hours for sleeping, but also, the subjective quality of sleep is much improved during this period.

It is a mixture of both, being thankful and the festive period that has a positive impact on the brain. You will be able to improve your social well-being and emotional standpoint. So, make sure you celebrate with your near and dear ones and be thankful to everyone around you! It’s the time of the year where you can make everyone, including yourself, happy.

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