How To Make New Year Resolutions That Work

How To Make New Year Resolutions That Work

We all make new year’s resolutions. However, making them come true, and following these goals is a monumental task. If you are wondering why you fail to achieve the goals you set on New Year’s, continue reading. If you avoid these common mistakes this year, you might end up setting goals that follow through.

Your brain is lazy

When you want your brain to do something and achieve certain goals, you need to put in extra effort to do so. This is important because making huge lifestyle changes in your life is not easy, and it requires a lot of work. You need to set goals for yourself, which are easy to achieve and are a part of the bigger picture. You will also need to come up with ways to keep your mind motivated enough to continue working towards your goals.

Goals should be achievable

Being too hard on yourself and setting unrealistic goals also throws your brain off balance. You should know exactly what you are capable of and try to set goals you know you can achieve. If your end goal is a long shot, chances are your brain will be too demotivated to continue working for it. You need to keep feeding into your goals and stay motivated. Making short term goals is also one way to speed up the process. Your new year’s resolutions should have an achievable result.

Personalize your goals

Your goals should be true to yourself. If you make up a new year’s resolution based on a T.V. ad you saw, you might not be able to achieve it. Your objectives should hold some personal reasoning to them so that your brain has enough incentive to go ahead with them. Try to make new year’s resolutions that are only beneficial to you. This provides your subconscious enough energy to work harder and more efficiently towards attaining your expected results.

Your subconscious likes company

Sometimes working on a new year’s resolution can get boring. Most people set goals that are related to their body weight. If your new year’s resolution is about shedding a certain number of pounds off your body, then you will probably hit the gym to achieve it. Working out with a goal is fun. However, it can get boring when you do it alone for too long. Try making friends with similar goals to yours, so you have some company while working towards your objectives. Studies show that working in a group or with a company helps improve your mood and increase motivation levels in your body.

Break it down to steps

All your goals can have sub-goals that can be achieved in the short term. Your brain works on a reward-based system. If you want to stay motivated throughout your process, you need to make goals; you can achieve in short periods. Whenever you achieve these goals treat yourself with something nice, so you continue to stay motivated.

New year’s resolutions are very popular among people. This year when you make your resolutions, keep these tips in mind and set goals accordingly. This will make it easier for you to reach your result and make it faster.

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