How to Boost Productivity and Happiness at The Same Time

How to Boost Productivity and Happiness at The Same Time

Did you know that the happier you become, the more your productivity increases?

That’s science-backed and every employer knows that happy employees are also more efficient. We can use that fact to our advantage by allowing our mood to boost our productive energy further.

Here are some great ways to bring joy to your life while getting more done on a daily basis:

Have a hobby.

If we love what we do, we can easily spend a lot of time on it without getting overwhelmed. We can focus better, remember more, learn all we can about it faster and get better at this over time.

If you don’t enjoy your work that much, you should find your passion and turn it into your hobby. Find a way to fit it into your weekly schedule or even aim at making time for it each day.

That is sure to boost your mood and let you have fun. Then all other life problems won’t be that bad.

Your hobby will become your therapy and that will boost your productivity, which will affect other areas of your life such as work or study positively.

Surround yourself with positive people.

The people you spend your time with most often shape who you become. That means you should identify the toxic individuals in your surroundings and stop hanging out with them.

These people suck your energy, bring you down, complain all the time and make you feel depressed. That’s not good for your overall well-being and it definitely doesn’t contribute to your happiness level.

Instead, you should seek passionate and positive souls with similar interests and who have learned how to enjoy life one day at a time. These people can be found online, in a community in your area, or by simply doing your best to meet new people each week and seeing where that takes you.

Once you start spending your free time with 1 or more people like that, you’ll notice positive changes in yourself.

You will be encouraged to try new things and follow your dreams, will laugh more and smile all the time, will become a better communicator and will enhance your social life and relationships. As a result, your mind will be clearer and you’ll reduce stress, which means managing your time better and getting more done at work.


Leading an active lifestyle is beneficial to your health and thinking skills, can keep your energetic the whole day, improves your sleep, gets you in shape and boosts your confidence.

Aside from that, it makes you more productive and increases happiness. Let’s see how.

Working out beats the symptoms of depression, anxiety, and stress. Our body releases endorphins when we exercise. These chemicals trigger a positive reaction in your body and mind and you get an instant mood boost.

In addition, by moving your body even for half an hour each day, you become more alert and improve your ability to concentrate. Exercise is proven to unlock brainpower. You can also start generating great ideas more easily once you add a sport to your lifestyle.

Bonus points if you start working out outdoors so you can be in nature, find a fitness buddy so you can motivate each other and turn this into a social activity and keep track of your progress to challenge yourself even more.

All this energy and alertness that will come as a result of being more active can be directed towards a big life goal or your career. Expect to see improvement pretty soon.

Express gratitude.

Did you know that the more time you spend focusing on what you already have and thank for it, the happier you become and the less you need? By practicing gratitude, you can wake up with a smile every day even if nothing else in your life changes. That can then make you more energetic and ready to work on your goals, which helps get more done in less time.

To express appreciation, have a gratitude journal. Start the day by writing a few things you’re thankful for. The written word has power and the moment you write this down, you acknowledge it and feel truly grateful for it.

As the days go by, you will open your eyes to the abundance you live in and will love your life the way it is now. That brings joy and contentment.

Now that you’re aware of the connection between productivity and happiness and have been given 4 great ways to boost both of these, you can take one action today that will get you there.

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