5 Lessons Children Can Teach Us About Creativity

5 Lessons Children Can Teach Us About Creativity

There’s a lot we can learn from children.

Have you noticed how the older you get, the less creative you are? That’s because you don’t dare to dream big. The responsibilities of daily life such as paying bills and doing chores are making you lose your path and preventing you from unleashing your true potential.

But there is still a child inside and you must let it out in order to boost your creative energy and thus get more done, perform better at work, improve your relationships, have more fun, and enjoy life. All that can happen if you let your imagination run wild and take more risks.

Here are some lessons children teach us that will help you on this journey:

1. Failure isn’t an option.

Kids have the amazing ability to just try stuff without considering failure, without imagining what could go wrong, without doubting their abilities.

What if you followed their approach when working on a new business idea, taking a risk, making changes to your lifestyle?

Truth is, the only way to fail is to give up. Until then, you can try as many times as you want and give as many different things as you wish a go. Eventually, something will work and you will accomplish your goal.

2. Past and future don’t matter.

When children do something, they don’t think about similar projects they worked on in the past, or how things can be a year from now. They are one with their activity and nothing matters but the present moment.

While it might seem reckless to some, it’s actually a form of mindfulness. Thoughts connected to the past and future are a big distraction when we decide to do something. Many people end up giving up and losing hope simply because they worry about tomorrow or have regrets from the past.

However, if you let go of all that, you will have a clear mind and be ready to do focused work in the present and make the most of each minute of every day.

That’s conscious living and it can help you double your results in any area of life.

3. Don’t wait for better times.

Perfectionism can make us say ‘no’ to our deepest desires, never try anything new and always remain in our comfort zone. With children, however, there’s no such thing as not feeling ready or not thinking the time is right.

They are spontaneous and follow their heart. The moment they think of something interesting that they want to give a try, they don’t wait for tomorrow but start it right away.

While that might be risky and adulthood involves a lot of planning and contemplating before taking action, it’s also a great way to move forward in life.

Some people spend a lifetime getting ready for their next move but never actually take the leap. But if you simply follow your intuition and listen to the kid inside you, you will learn more lessons and will see more wins as a result of all that action.

4. Be passionate about what you do.

Some of the most profitable businesses in the world are based on passion. Working on what you care about and entering a field you’re interested in are 2 ways to never get bored and do meaningful work for the rest of your life.

Children know this pretty well. That’s why they would never pay attention to a boring subject and would never do what they are told unless they are sure it’s the best way to spend their time.

Learn from them and work on projects you’re passionate about. That will make you lose track of time and unleash the creative genius within.

5. Don’t let others talk you out of your ideas.

Once you let your creativity flow, you’ll start coming up with some pretty crazy ideas but each of which could potentially turn into something big and great. However, if you share them with others, you risk being distracted by their opinion.

Most people follow logic. But when you listen to the kid inside you, you will start dreaming bigger and taking decisions based on instinct and emotions. It’s often hard to explain that to others both at work and in your personal life. So it’s best to pursue your vision on your own and don’t share your goals and ideas until you see some progress.

These 5 lessons that children teach us about creativity can also mean improving the quality of your life in the long-run. You can reach success in any field if you stop listening to others and leave behind the past and future, but follow your heart and take action today.

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