Bring In The “Feel Good” Factor: Train Your Brain For The Festive Season

Bring In The “Feel Good” Factor: Train Your Brain For The Festive Season

Festive season comes with a mix of several emotions. There are plenty of emotions of happiness, joy, and cheer. At the same time, there is anxiety, fear, and for some, bad memories too. However, festivals are meant to rejoice. They are meant to be occasions when people can celebrate. Try something different this year. Bring in the “feel good” factor and add a little magic to the celebrations. Here’( are a few tips for training your brain for this festive season:

#1 Keep your expectations in check

When it comes to holidays, having a positive attitude is essential. However, in the midst of it, don’t start expecting too much either. Instead, learn to accept people as they are and spread happiness. The festive season is a time when you get closer to family and friends. Make sure you be careful in raising your expectations. Don’t aim for a perfect celebration; instead, aim for a happy one. Keep things simple and cheerful.

#2 Ease out on your stress

Stress is the biggest reason for bringing down your spirit of celebrations! The brain’s happy chemicals, serotonin, and dopamine are responsible for making you feel happier. The level of these chemicals comes down drastically in moments of stress. Therefore, keep a relaxed attitude and take things peacefully as they come by during the festive celebrations.

#3 Add a little music to the festivities

To put it simply, music lights up your brain! It helps in integrating different parts of the brain. The rhythm and melody of your favorite songs set you in the right mood of celebration. For instance, a Christmas music instantly brings a rush of warm and happy feelings, adding magic to your festivities.

#4 Bring in the perfect amount of joy and laughter

Keep your enthusiasm on a high in times of celebrations. Laughter and joy are the best medicines to rejuvenate the brain. They help in releasing dopamine in the brain. This results in positive emotions. Also, they help in the release of serotonin that is known to be a “mood booster” of the brain. Happy thoughts and memories will add the right sparkle to the festival.

#5 Forgiveness is the key to peace

The mistakes of others often leave you tense and unhappy. This further results in negative vibes. Therefore, this festive season, adopt the habit of forgiveness more seriously. This also applies to yourself. That is, don’t be too harsh on yourself. If you were not able to achieve something, accept it with grace and let go of the anger you have in your mind.

#6 Don’t forget a heartfelt appreciation

Lastly, there is nothing better than gratitude. Festivities are all about love and appreciation. So, say thank you to different people around you, make them feel good. This feeling of satisfaction will make you feel good about yourself too.

The brain is a very powerful tool. It has the ability to feel and help you express a multitude of emotions. This festive season, train your brain right. Bring in the ‘festive vibes’ and rejoice to keep a “feel good” factor. It is the season of warmth, love, joy, and cheer, make sure you celebrate it right!


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