Brain Tumor: What Are The Signs That You Should Beware Of

Brain Tumor: What Are The Signs That You Should Beware Of

A brain tumor is widely known to be a collection of abnormal cells inside the brain. There are two types of brain tumor, that is, cancerous tumor (malignant) and non-cancerous tumor (benign). A person begins showing signs for a brain tumor when the tumor starts applying pressure on the brain. With the consistent growth of the tumor, you may start feeling numbness, clumsiness, severe headaches, loss of vision, etc. There’s a possibility that a part of the brain completely stops functioning.
Most people come to know about their brain tumor after paying a visit to the doctor while complaining of a severe headache or numbness in a part of the body. Check out the early signs of identifying a brain tumor.


The most common symptom of brain tumors is frequent headaches. Even if you are entirely relying on the OTC medicines to treat your persistent headaches, you should not ignore the possibility of having a brain tumor. It would be best if you got yourself checked for a brain tumor from your doctor.

Vision quality

It has been observed that the people who were suffering from a brain tumor showed symptoms of a change in the quality of vision. Most often, when you suddenly stand up or sit down, you might experience losing your sight for a minute. A brain tumor can be the primary reason for your loss of vision or reduction in its quality.


A brain tumor grows inside the brain with time. The consistent growth of the tumor has the ability to increase the pressure inside your brain and eventually make you feel weak and tired. A brain tumor can also hamper with your sleeping pattern.


A significant sign of a brain tumor is seizures or fits. Even if you had a seizure or a fit for only one time, you should consult your doctor for a brain tumor.


Due to the consistent growth of tumors inside your brain, you might start having a problem while trying to balance yourself while walking or leaning. The tumor disturbs the motor functioning part of your brain.


Our brain has control overproducing hormones inside the body. A brain tumor can cause the pituitary gland to secrete a large number of hormones in the body as well as prevent the normal functioning of body organs.


The elementary signs of identifying a brain tumor are a feeling of clumsiness in arms, hands, and legs. You might have a problem in talking, speaking, walking, and keeping control over facial expressions. If you often fumble with keys or miss the steps on a staircase, you should get yourself checked for a brain tumor.


If your brain tumor is formed on the brain-stem, then you might start feeling numbness or clumsiness in some parts of your body. Consult a doctor if you start losing feeling in any part of your body.

These are some of the most common signs of a person having a brain tumor. If you see a combination of these traits, make sure to consult a specialist just to be on the safer side.

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