Train Your Brain To Act Wise: Never Ignore Little Symptoms

Train Your Brain To Act Wise: Never Ignore Little Symptoms

In today’s day and age, our physical and mental health are both deteriorating. It is getting difficult to separate the symptoms of physical ailment and symptoms of stress and anxiety. Our brain sends us signals regarding the ailment we have before we even start noticing the symptoms. Many of us ignore the little symptoms like headaches, nausea, pain, etc. by considering them to be caused by simple stress, but it could be more. How then can we differentiate between these symptoms?

There is a way to train your brain to pick out the little symptoms more vigilantly and send us a message about our deteriorating physical health. It’s better to be in the knowledge before something drastic happens. Here are some ways to train your brain to get wiser.

#1 Get rest

When we are well-rested, it is observed that our brain functions faster and better. The brain can detect any little symptom we have and signal it clearly if it is in its utmost performing capacity. Moreover, getting proper sleep is also essential for our physical health, and results in a more attentive and sharper mind. Sometimes, we get messages from our brains in our dreams regarding a problem that we never even knew existed along with its solutions.

#2 Meditation

The brain-body chemistry is marvelous. We make it limited by treating the two as different things. Our brain is the smartest organ that helps with the function of the other organs. When you meditate, your mind and body become one. It helps in better relaxation as well as aiding the brain to send signals to us if something is wrong, which we are less likely to miss or neglect if we are attuned to both our mind and body.

#3 Exercise

Our brain, just like our muscles, requires regular exercise. It needs exercise in the form of mental challenges provided by a game of puzzle or any intellectual brain teaser. The more we use our brain, the sharper, and intuitive it gets. It’s easy to play something while traveling or early in the morning which is a perfect time to exercise this organ of our body!

#4 Reading

There is nothing better than the hobby of reading to stimulate the mind. Reading helps to gather knowledge and for our brain to always stay active. The knowledge can also help in being aware of our surroundings and how to be protected from the diseases, and if there is one, we are informed about the symptoms.

#5 Writing

Researchers have proved some years ago that when we write something by hand instead of typing, the brain gets stimulated into action much more. There is also a theory that when we write with both our hands, it is the most efficient way to increase the power and sharpness of our brain. We can get better in languages, processing as well as stimulating our creativeness. The brain processes the signals sent by other body parts much sharper, which in turn is better for us in detecting the symptom.

Any symptom that looks small can lead to a drastic ailment. It is better to train our brains to detect them sooner and be attuned with it to understand them in order to recognize the need to consult a physician.

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