Your Brain Hates New Year’s Resolutions! What To Do To Make Them Work?

Your Brain Hates New Year’s Resolutions! What To Do To Make Them Work?

Every year, instead of making new year resolutions, we break them. Our brains are wired to hate new year’s resolutions. Ask yourself honestly, “How many days did you indeed succeed working on that resolution?” It might not even be a single day. Comprehending how the brain works and reacts can help you approach your goals in a progressive way and support you in cultivating new habits for life. As we welcome January, the dreary weather gets on us, and we find it difficult to stick by our resolutions. To all those endless and broken resolutions we make every year, here’s how to make them work.

But why do we fail at our own resolutions?

If we enjoy a fresh start, why can’t we keep up with our resolutions even for a day? The reason is, we imagine a little too much for it to be real. And when we essentially put out a word to achieve those imaginations, reality hits in, and we fail. Temporary motivation results in failures of current goals. But then, how do we make them work?

Narrow It Down

Your resolution should at least look real to you. Quantify it, and then narrow it down. For example, if you are planning to ‘get in shape,’ you start maybe with running five miles every day. Hit newer targets only when the older ones are accomplished. Daily habits help broaden your mind to achieving more vital goals.

Give Yourself A Reason

Remind yourself why you took this task in the first place. Reciting your list of new year resolution is all fun and games, but doing it is a task in itself. Keep yourself motivated by giving a purpose to your resolution.

Reward Yourself

Celebrate those little victories! The way your brain acknowledges the motivation is through rewards. So, reward yourself with a little something every time you accomplish a modest goal. That way, you’ll require to progress till the end. Every time you didn’t consume something sugary when you wanted to celebrate that. Rewarding yourself is one strong way to stay motivated.

Be Patient Until Your Activity Becomes A Habit

Your brain takes time to turn a frequent activity into a habit. Thrive yourself to continue performing what you’re supposed to till it blends in with your routine. It takes a while for your brain to establish that strong a connection with a recent action. Hence, trick your mind into believing it to be a habit, and it’ll be one.

Committing to multiple resolutions seems a little too far off, so you might want to stick to one or two. But don’t be half-hearted about it. Go to accomplish your New Year’s resolutions and break your own record! Surprise yourself by tricking and developing your mind to work it out and not let it be a yet another broken promise to yourself. This 2020, be determined, make it different, make it work!

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