What Game to Play to Boost Your Brain

What Game to Play to Boost Your Brain

Do you know that it is important to keep your mind active? If you don’t, as you grow up, some of your brain’s functionalities can reduce, or even be lost. So, how do you boost your brain and keep your mind active? Relax, there are some brain training games that can help.

According to a 2008 research done at the University of Michigan, brain-training effort can boost fluid intelligence and working memory, which may improve the general ability of the body to solve some health problems.  Read on as we show you some games that may help you improve your memory and keep your mental health sharp.

  • Chess

If you are looking for the most intellectually challenging games in the world, chess is one of them. From analyzing the board to plotting your next move, this game will help you exercise your brain and develop its information retaining ability.

  • Sudoku

Have you ever wondered why Sudoku has been featured in newspaper for years? Of course, it is a number placement game that relies heavily on working memory. The planning involved in this game, from looking ahead and keeping numbers in your head to following trails of consequences and mentally rehearsing their placement can help your brain. It shall help boost concentration and improve short term memory.

  • Lumosity

This is another option in the brain-training arena. It is one of the most developed mental fitness and brain training websites and apps where you are offered about three games per day. You can select the subscription service or sign up for free. Regardless of your choice, you can keep track of your improvement and results. The brain training activities backed by science, games, and test on Lumosity are fun and challenging to the brain.

  • Crosswords

If you are looking to access your memory from many dimensions of knowledge, Crosswords are a go-to classic brain trainer and cognitive exercise game. You can play this game offline by buying a crossword puzzle book or picking up a newspaper. Also, you can play it online as there is an endless list of crossword puzzles available on various websites.

  • Fit Brains Trainer

With about 35 mini-games provided by this app, you can put your swiftness, memory retention, language proficiency, and concentration to test. So, by playing any of the games available there – the progressive level from beginner to difficult can play a role in boosting your brain.

  • Braingle

Braingle is a free website that claims to have the largest collection of brain teasers in the world. It has an online community of enthusiasts, and more than 10,000 games, brainteasers, and puzzles. Interestingly, you can exercise your brain by creating your own puzzles.

  • Concentration

You can engage and exercise your brain with the different variations of concentration games available. To get the most out of the game, we will advise that you go for the “spaghetti variation.” It has a messier arrangement, making it difficult for you to remember the location of the cards. This type of games improves your concentration, boosts your brain, and keeps you sharp.

With the games mentioned above, you can give your brain a daily workout. No doubt, it is a way to develop power of your brain. Take note that some of the games can get easier in the long run, so you may need to try something new every once in a while.





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