Train Your Brain To Think Like A Genius

Train Your Brain To Think Like A Genius

We all have it in us to think like Einstein! Don’t you believe it? We all have brains, and we all have unlimited usage access. Some of us know how to train our brains better. It’s time we get into the habit of brainpower. Boosting your brain cells will help you think like a genius. People try several things to train their mind power. For example, some learn different languages, some solve math problems without a calculator, some play mind games, and some go a long way to remember all the phone numbers on their phones! Being called a genius and thinking like one is two different things. But how? Let’s see.

1- Meditate

Your brain takes time to process. When there is information overload, it becomes chaotic. Calm yourself down from time to time, meditate, sit in silence. Meditation remains the number one brain exercise. Once your mind is more lucid, you tend to think smarter. Continue doing this regularly. You’ll follow your thoughts better and start thinking like a genius.

2- Inculcate The Curiosity

Practicing creative thinking only happens when you’re inquisitive. Any kind of curiosity helps the brain to ponder and think of alternatives. When you give stress over a topic, you tend to come to a solution. For example, when something breaks, try different ways to fix it. Knowing how to hack life in one way is fine, but if you want to think like a genius, start finding more than one way to do so.

3- Perspective Thinking

When you look at a painting, you form your own perspective. Well, turn that painting upside down and search for many perspectives. Apply this in your routine life. It boosts your brainpower in unexpected ways.

4- Observe

Observe as frequently as you can. An observant has already broadened his mind to think like a genius.

5- Talk About It

Make your thoughts visible. Discuss with people on something you’re stuck with or finding answers for. Don’t be too stubborn about your thoughts. Accept other’s opinions and perceptions on the same topic and question why you think differently or similarly. When you are in a healthy argument, you always consider the other’s thoughts. This way, you prepare your mind to be acceptable and reason out your words.

6- HOW To Think Instead Of WHAT To Think

Geniuses wonder ‘how’ to think instead of ‘what’ to think. They investigate a problem in alternative ways. A study said, “People who think flexibly and come up with creative ideas can engage brain networks that typically don’t work together.” Hence, creative geniuses ask ‘how’ instead of ‘what.’

7- Patience

The years-old virtue actually helps in training your brain power to start thinking smartly. It takes years to paint a masterpiece. The painter who paints it is not only a genius but also patient enough to perfect it for all those years.

8- Geniuses Are Self-Learners

Mark Zuckerberg, Steve Jobs, or Bill Gates – all these geniuses are school dropouts. Not that you should be one too, but all these people were self-learners. Hence, today they have the world working under them. They preferred figuring things out than waiting for life to uncover. Their curiosity helped them bear risks and represent the geniuses they are today.

You don’t have to be Mark Zuckerberg or Da Vinci to crack the code. You have to be a better version of yourself from yesterday. By challenging your mind in all the right ways, one can measure the improvement. Try letting your mind wander for once, without judging your own thoughts. You might come up with a million-dollar thought. You are just one step away to be that genius, after all. We all are.

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