The Science behind Brain Training

The Science behind Brain Training

Does Kwik Learning work? Or it is more accurate if we asked, does brain training really work? What is the science behind brain training?
Our training is based on the scientific fact that the brain has a natural capability of remodeling itself. It is called neuroplasticity.
Our training directs this fact through some ways to improve the quality of your brain which will subsequently improve your whole life.

Since the brain is the most mysterious thing on Earth, our programs are designed to be comprehensive and work on the aspects needed to improve life such as memory, attention, skills, and quick thinking.

Here are some of the scientific facts that our programs are based on.

1. Training Nourishes Your Brain:

Your brain is like a baby. It needs food to grow up, training to be able to do things, and proper care to be strong.
Our training is comprehensive to strengthen your brain properly. Studies say that the pieces of training that focus only on certain aspects like memory or intelligence have limited benefits while working on all the aspects together shows better results.

2. Enhancement of Your Mental Performance Starts with Enhancement of Your Senses:

Our sensory organs send information to the brain from the moment they start working until they are not functioning anymore constructing our experiences and memories. How our brain records everything determines the quality of our memories and experiences. Also, the more effective your brain is with the small details, the better it works.
Our programs focus on sharpening your senses in order to sharpen your mind. With time, you will notice that your brain is processes, records, and recalls information faster and easier which will boost your overall brain functions.

3. Brain Problems:

Your brain can always do better; that is a fact. But over time, our brains degrade and tend to do less. If your senses work perfectly, then the problem is from your brain itself. These problems include:

• Slow Processing:

As we said, as long as your senses are functioning properly, the speed of information sent from them to the brain does not change. Over time, the brain slows down its speed. When the processes become slower, the rain begins to miss details and react slowly.

• Lack of Accuracy:

When your brain misses some details, its accuracy becomes blurred. It is like a puzzle and missing some pieces affects the whole picture. That is why your brain’s overall accuracy decreases when it misses some details.

• Brain Clarity:

When we are younger, our brains are able to collect all the pieces of the puzzle easily. But when we get older, our senses degrade and our brains slow down which decreases our mental clarity replacing it with mental fog. That is why we face problems like lack of concentration when we get older.

The question now is what does our training do to your brain?

Our training is designed to eliminate these brain problems. They enhance your spirits, increase your brain processing speed, sharpen your senses, improve your brain connections, and enhance your learning capabilities.
The training works on your whole brain functions at once. This is the only key to improve the overall quality of your life, not just a single aspect.

Free 3-Part Brain Training by Jim Kwik:

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1 year ago

I speculate that – like muscles, the brain improves after a season of (eu)stress and by “pushing limits” and sending “energy” your brain starts to “value” certain neurological connections, and reinforcing the connections, thus making them stronger:
Survival of the busiest so to speak.

How accurate would you say this speculation is?
If accurate, would that mean that anything that stimulates the brain in this manner like brain games (supposedly) work?
Lastly, how would I verify that training with brain games wouldn’t merely make my brain better at the games and not overall?