The Benefits of Reading Faster

The Benefits of Reading Faster

It’s interesting how some people can read much faster than others. While you might be thinking it’s just a special skill they were born with, it’s actually not. Their brain is processing information quicker than the average person, but you can do the same with a bit of practice.

Reading faster is something we can all learn how to do. In fact, you can get so good at it that you’re fully concentrated while doing it, can enjoy the content and learn from it, and boost your brain power.

The more you read, the better you get at it. Re-reading isn’t necessary and can lead to wasting precious time, especially when you have to learn something fast. In that case, skimming the text first, knowing how to read phrases instead of words to cut the time it takes you in half, and not subvocalizing (pronouncing the words in your head as you read) are some of the sub-skills you’ll acquire.

But you might be wondering, why is it necessary to read faster? Well, speed reading is great for you for a few reasons.

Here’s why you should start reading faster:

1. You’ll build discipline.

Every new skill requires dedication and practice. By setting goals, making some time daily or a few times a week to train and trying new methods to speed read, you build character that can then be used for other projects you’re working on.

2. You’ll use more of your brain power.

Reading fast allows you to utilize your brain power much more effectively as opposed to reading slowly. Your concentration span increases and that’s yet another way to use more of your brain’s potential.

You will also begin thinking faster which over time can lead to taking decisions quickly, reacting immediately when something unexpected happens, being more energetic and confident about yourself.

3. Your memory improves.

Reading fast helps your brain think faster too. By understanding all the information you consume through reading, you also retain it for longer.

4. You’ll start enjoying reading more.

Speed reading is a fun and challenging activity. To build that skill, you’ll need to read a lot. By exposing yourself to books on a daily basis and checking out different topics to read about, you will become a regular reader.

That will bring many other incredible changes in your life. You will start expressing yourself better and having new hobbies, will increase your general knowledge and others will start noticing that, will become a better candidate for the next position you want to apply for, and will get to know yourself more as books help you grow and come to important realizations.

5. You’ll save time.

There will come a point in your life where you need to learn new things faster. Of course, one way is to read about the subject, whether it’s to study for a test, complete an online course, start a new job, or have a business on the side.

By knowing how to read fast (and comprehend anything you read), you can learn a lot of information in no time.

6. Productivity will be your new superpower.

Often getting things done is about eliminating distractions and focusing on the task in front of us. Speed reading is all about concentration sometimes, until you start doing it on autopilot. But still, it’s a state of mindfulness that teaches your mind how to ignore anything else but this one activity.

You can then use the same skill to complete your tasks for the day. That will double your productivity and make you feel good about yourself.

7. Speed reading looks good on your resume.

Most positions these days require people to research and go through a lot of information in a short period of time and under stress. Of course, that will be a waste of time if the whole thing bores you, overwhelms you and you don’t remember anything.

Speed reading is practical in almost any industry and can look great in the eyes of a potential employer.

8. Less eye strain.

If you’re already an avid reader, you know that it can often be tiring to read a lot. What if you feel like finishing your book today or researching a topic further but your eyes just can’t take it anymore?

That’s when speed reading can help as you’ll need much less time to go through any text.

All this will make you a more interesting person, will increase your self-esteem and you will be more open to meeting new people because you will always have fun facts to share and topics to discuss.

What’s your favorite reason for learning to read faster?

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Camille Devaux
2 years ago

I love the idea that you can improve your reading so drastically. My sister might like knowing this as she looks to get into a novel. She wants to start reading and this might be good practice for her.

2 years ago

Great Article. Speed reading is a very important skill in our life. We are devs of Readlax, it’s an app for people who want to read faster and more accurately. Readlax is the Online Brain Exercises for Better Reading Skill. We are dedicated to helping get knowledge faster, improve your reading speed and comprehension.

Angela Waterford
2 years ago

You’re right about saying that if I read faster, I’ll be able to build discipline. I think I’ll buy for sale some books to read if I’ll use more brain power. Since mystery book series is my favorite genre, I hope that my memory improves while I enjoy reading the book.