Memory Power: How To Keep It Maintained?

Memory Power: How To Keep It Maintained?

We have all tried to look up different ways to remember things. Some work and some don’t, but there are plenty of ways that you can try. You can enhance your memory power by strengthening it over time and by following the pattern of brain activity. You can make it stronger over the years and slow down memory loss. Here are some of the ways with which you can maintain your memory power.

#1 Meditate

All the new information is temporarily stored in working memory, which is like the notepad of the brain. If the information is not useful in the long run, you forget them. Otherwise, it is stored in long-term memory and recalled later.

For most adults, the maximum working memory capacity is about seven items. Meditation is one of the best ways to strengthen it. You can improve your memory in just eight weeks. Moreover, it helps in increasing the concentration power. The main reason behind that is that the brain stops processing information actively at the time of meditation.

#2 Drink coffee

Even though this method is debatable, there are certain positive effects of caffeine on memory. It helps in memory consolidation, and you can remember things for a longer period after consuming caffeine. Now, most of the immediate benefits are with the consumption of caffeine pills. However, you can certainly recall things 24 hours later, and your memory power is also enhanced.

#3 Eat berries

Berries help in enhancing your long term memory. It is another diet-related method that is easy to adopt. A study showed that eating blueberries for around 12 weeks can improve memory in the long run. One of the reasons behind this is that berries have flavonoids which strengthen the connection in the brain.

#4 Exercise

You can also improve memory recall by exercising regularly. In fact, without continued exercise, your memory might be on a decline. Exercising can improve spatial memory and cognitive abilities.

There are various other benefits of exercising, as we all know. Therefore, you can go for a walk regularly or hit the gym to keep yourself fit and your brain strong.

#5 Chew gum

Another tried and tested method to improve your memory power is by chewing gum when you are learning new things. You can recall things more accurately and also have a higher reactive time. This is because chewing gum increases the activity in the hippocampus in the brain. This part of the brain is responsible for memory.

In fact, chewing gum leads to an increase in oxygen, which can help you in focusing and being attentive. Due to this, the brain gets a better flow of oxygen.

#6 Memory Training

Memory training plays a significant role in learning and recalling.  It is about continuously educating your brain and to learn better, remember faster, and deliver better work at your workplace! It’s like bringing your brain to the gym and training it to enhance your memorization skills. Our complete 12-week memory program, Recall Masterclass, can help you to do that by teaching you 12 different memory techniques to boost your mental fitness. Check out the details of the class today and avail special discounts too! Don’t wait up, better memory implies better success in life!

These are a few of the tested ways to enhance your memory power and maintain it. You can opt for these easy to adapt methods to keep your brain healthy and fit for years to come. Trust us and opt for these ways to make your memory more powerful. It will help you in old age when others start forgetting things easily.

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