Martin Luther Jr Day Activities: Training Children’s Minds To Do The Right Thing

Martin Luther Jr Day Activities: Training Children’s Minds To Do The Right Thing

Every mother, since her pregnancy, talks and reads to her child. She does this because she wants the baby to familiarize himself with her. This also helps in training a baby’s mind. Our brains are made up of neurons. Our brain passes messages through the synapses. The more engaging the mother is in her activities with her child, the more her child’s brain will be wired for above-average intellect.

Why do we train the child’s mind?

The child who has been trained since a young age always finds himself to be intellectually confident with other children. He will also learn things easily that others who might have a hard time to grasp. A better mind means better skills in communication, planning, decision making, and creativity. The child whose mind is trained learns things without strain, which helps him in his future.

Activities that boost a child’s brain
  • Colorful games of coordination:

A puppet show can help a child with recognizing colors. Studies have shown that bright colors enhance the happy mood of the child as well as make him emotionally intelligent. Games like peek-a-boo and hide and seek helps a child easily understand the concept of object transfer. This means that just because a thing is not visible doesn’t mean that it is no longer there. The games where the child has to use hand-eye coordination will enhance the use of both sides of his/her brain. Also, these make him more aware of his surroundings.

  • Love for books:

Since childhood, it is essential that a child cultivates the habit of reading. When the child reads, he learns many new things. Their language and communication gets better, as well as their vocabulary. They are more perceptible to human emotions because they read the character’s perception of a scene in the book. They form their own opinions from a young age and understand and master the art of debate as well as respecting others’ opinions. Sometimes, books also provide a child solace when he reads about a relatable character. For example, if Mike in the book responds to a fight with his mother by apologizing to her, then when the child finds himself in the same situation, he will retaliate in the same manner.

  • Taking help from children:

Every child wants to grow up and be an adult fast. When you take him with you and ask for his help in doing laundry or cooking, he feels a sense of achievement. He feels that you put your trust in him to accomplish a task, which gives him a boost of confidence. Also, when he helps you with the menial task, he will learn categorization, hygiene, and the basics and nitty-gritty of running a household.

Discipline and token economy:

When a child engages in an unpleasant behavior at home or in public, instead of resorting to the punishment, you can discipline him with the use of the principle of the token economy. Whenever he is unreasonable to try to make him understand without threats of punishments and shouting in front of others, what has he done wrong. When he understands and behaves correctly, give him a token. He can exchange these tokens for some privileges like an extra cookie or 10 mins more of TV, etc. This will prompt him to behave correctly and also shape him as a person.

Martin Luther Jr Day is all about indulging the children in learning activities too to help them become better citizens of tomorrow and develop a sense of human rights. A child’s mind is like a sponge. It will soak whatever you nourish him with. Therefore, train their minds right to make a bigger difference in the long run.

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