Brain Health 101: Quick Tips To Keep It Functioning

Brain Health 101: Quick Tips To Keep It Functioning

The brain keeps on changing as per the age and mental health. As with age, mental decline is common, and a lot of people fear the consequences. So, what should you do to keep your brain functioning properly? Since cognitive impairment is not inevitable, you should take the necessary measures to maintain the functioning of your brain. Here are a few quick tips to keep your brain functioning.

#1 Get mental stimulation

Brain activities help in stimulating new connections between the nerve cells and also lead to the generation of new cells. This helps in developing neurological plasticity and also builds a functional reserve. This also provides a hedge against cell loss in the future.

Any activity that leads to mental stimulation helps in building up the brain. You can often read or take courses and also try different word puzzles. Try out different things that require mental effort.

#2 Improve your diet

Eating correctly helps not only your body but also your mind. You should opt for foods such as fruits, fish, vegetables, nuts, olive oil, and proteins. These help in reducing the chances of cognitive impairment and dementia.

So, if you can improve your diet and consume healthy regularly, you can keep your brain functioning properly and actively.

#3 Exercise

When you move your muscles, your mind does too. Those who exercise frequently increase the number of tiny blood vessels. These bring oxygen-rich blood to the part of the brain that is responsible for thinking. Moreover, when you exercise, you develop new nerve cells and also increase the connections between synapses (brain cells). This leads to a brain that is more adaptive and efficient. There are various other benefits of exercising as well, which help in the functioning of the brain and heart.

#4 Improve your blood pressure

High BP can also lead to cognitive decline in old age. So, make sure to keep your blood pressure as low as possible. You can alter your lifestyle a little and stay lean or exercise or limit your alcohol consumption. Even eating properly helps with keeping blood pressure in check.

#5 Improve cholesterol

If your body has a high cholesterol level, there are high chances of dementia with age. Therefore, keep a check on your cholesterol. Eat properly and exercise often. You should also control your weight and stay fit. In case you consume tobacco, stop immediately as it will significantly help in controlling the cholesterol level.

#6 Improve blood sugar

There are a lot of risks when you consume a high level of sugar. Diabetes is one of the main consequences, and it also leads to dementia. Therefore, you should keep a check on your sugar intake and exercise regularly. In case your blood sugar is too high, you should consult a doctor and get medication.

It is crucial to keep your brain functioning properly at all times. Follow these basic steps to keep your brain healthy and active for a long time. These small steps can lead to unparalleled happiness and efficiency.

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