10 Super-Fun Brain Teasers for Father’s Day 2020

10 Super-Fun Brain Teasers for Father’s Day 2020

If we asked a bunch of dads how they like to relax, we’d get a wide range of answers. Fishing, sports, movie nights, an afternoon with a book. But we guarantee that at least one dad will respond with a typical dad joke, and all the other dads will quickly join in.

Celebrating Father’s Day may be tricky this year. Even with restrictions around the globe lessening in severity, there is still reason to be cautious, especially with the elderly. But whether in person or through an online forum, getting the family together for a fun night of brain teasers is a great way to engage everyone’s brain muscles, and get a few good laughs in at the same time.

Here are ten super fun, dad-approved, family-friendly brain teasers to get started:

  1. Two Fathers and Two Sons

Two fathers and two sons went fishing. By the end of the day, they each caught a fish, for a total catch of 3. How is this possible?

Solution: There are only three men: The grandfather, the father, and the son. The father is both a father and a son.

  1. Twice as Old

At one point in your life, you will be twice as old as your child. When will that be?

Solution: When your child reaches the age you were when they were born.

  1. Last-Minute Gifts

Anna, Erica, and Frieda had to arrange a last-minute father’s day gift. They decide to go shopping and go to three different stores to buy three different gifts. To solve the riddle, you must answer the girls’ father’s name, the store they went to, and the gift they bought.

Names: Anna, Erica, and Frieda

Father’s Names: Richard, Pete, and Max

Stores: Super Fan, Ducks Unlimited, and Bass Pro Shop

Gifts: Cap, Duck Call, and Coffee Mug

  •       Erica’s dad loves the outdoors, so she didn’t go to Super Fan and buy a coffee mug.
  •       Max’s daughter knew her father wouldn’t want to wear a hat.
  •       Anna’s father Richard likes being outdoors, but that’s not the kind of store Anna chose to go to.
  •       Frieda’s gift noises.
  •       The girl that went to Ducks Unlimited had to call Anna to ask her opinion on which color gift she should get her father.


Anna: Richard, Coffee Mug and Super Fan

Erica: Pete, Ball Cap, and Ducks Unlimited

Frieda: Max, Duck Call, and Bass Pro Shop

  1. Count the Fish

There are 10 fish in a tank. Out of these, 2 got drowned, 4 swam away, 3 died.

How many fish are left?

Solution: 10 (The fish had no way to leave the tank).

  1. Money Matters

Jacob’s dad promises him $6 per hour for the 6 seconds he takes to wash his hands before dinner. How much money does Jacob get?

Solution: 1 cent

  1. Photograph

A man is looking at a photograph. When asked whose picture it is, he says, “Brothers and sisters I have none. But that man’s father is my father’s son.” Who is in the photograph?

Solution: The man’s son

  1. The Bridge

A dad, mom, daughter, and son need to go across a bridge in the dark. They’ve got only one flashlight and only two of them can go across at one time. The mom can cross in 10 minutes, the dad takes 5 minutes, their daughter will take 2 minutes and the son in just a minute. What’s the least time required for them to cross the bridge?

Solution: 17 minutes.

1 & 2 go across

2 comes back

5 & 10 go across

1 comes back

2 & 1 go across

So total minimum time = 2 + 2 + 10 + 1 + 2 =17 minutes

  1. The Age Question

The age of a father and son adds up to 55. If you reverse the digits of the son’s age, you get the father’s age. How old is the father?



Father’s Age = 41

Son’s Age = 14

  1. Rainy Days

Pam went out with her mom and dad. When it started raining, only 2 of them got their hair wet. Why?

Solution: The Dad was bald

  1. The Daughters

Mary’s father had 5 daughters. Their names were Lela, Michelle, London, and Margorie. What was the 5th daughter’s name?

Solution: Mary


Laughing and problem-solving are fun ways we can strengthen the bonds between family. Besides increasing our endorphins, laughter releases oxytocin, the chemical most closely associated with love and bonding. And when we’re laughing, we’re happier, reducing the stress and stress-related chemicals that can cause long-lasting damage. And that’s a great gift to give this Father’s Day (and every day).

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