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“It was no fluke that Jim Kwik’s program yesterday on memory improvement drew a standing-room only crowd.”

The Journal News

“Memory Expert offers hope to the Forgetful”

Corporate Recall

When properly applied, memory techniques can allow your staff to:

Recall the names/faces of the people they meet each day!

Retain information from all other training programs! (It has been estimated that up to 80% of annual training budgets go to waste when participants forget the material covered during the training within the first 48 hours.)

Have client/product information at their mental fingertips!

Remember presentations, sales scripts, and speeches without the use of notes!

Recall important numbers (phone, passcodes, etc) with ease!

Easily remember lists and procedures!

Minimize mistakes by enhancing their mental focus & concentration!

Remember upcoming dates, meetings, and events!


Are memory lapses costing you or your organization money? With the mountains of information you and your employees face daily, the ability to quickly recall what you need to remember is a vital business skill.

Kwik Recall will help your team retain all aspects of business information quickly and

effectively (names, client/product information, sales scripts, other company training material, facts, figures, etc). There is no such thing as a good or bad memory – just a trained and untrained memory. This 1-day program will train your team’s memory so your organization can survive, thrive, and profit in today’s ever-changing information age.


Today’s fast-paced competitive world demands workers have the ability to quickly retain and recall enormous amounts of new information. The two most costly words in business are “I forgot.” Memory lapses at the wrong time can hurt a business relationship or kill a sale. From remembering names and numbers to product information and procedures, this 1-day program will teach your organization revolutionary proven techniques to improve employees’ ability to recall important business information quickly and in a fraction of the normal time.


In this seminar your team will discover:

  • 9 Different Methods to Remembering Names & Faces!
  • How to Retain Much More from Other Training Programs!
  • The 3 Keys to a High Powered Memory!
  • 10 Power Principles to Quicker Recall!
  • The Most Powerful Technique for Information Memory Management!
  • How to Improve Your Business Vocabulary!
  • 3 Steps to Giving Presentations from Memory Without Notes!
  • The Secrets to Easily Recalling Numbers, Figures, and Data!
  • And more!

Who Should Attend?

Executives, employees, and managers who want to overcome overload, save time, reduce stress, stay current, and be more effective.

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