Dr. David Lewis
"Unless we can find ways of staying afloat amidst the surging torrents of information, we may end up drowning in them."

Dr. David Lewis

Corporate Reading

When properly applied, speed-reading techniques can allow your staff to:

Improve reading speed
2-5 times!


Increase reading
comprehension, focus, and


Finally manage the piles of
information they face every
day without fatigue or


Reduce stress and save
valuable time for other
professional responsibilities!


Rifle through emails, reports,
and trade publications in
record time!


Is information overload slowing your organization down? Up to 60% of an employee’s time can be spent on information management (processing emails, paperwork, etc). This makes reading one of the most time-consuming, and thus costly, activities to your company. If 40% of your employee’s time is spent reading, that means 40% of their salary goes towards this one activity.

We will show you how to maximize (what?) by cutting this valuable time reading in HALF.

With the mountains of growing information employees in your organization face daily, the ability to read 2,3 and even 4 times faster with comprehension is a vital business skill. Kwik Reading will help your team save valuable company time and stay ahead as they read faster with greater focus, comprehension, and retention.

This LIVE or online program will help your organization survive, thrive, and profit in today’s ever-changing information age.


Today’s fast-paced competitive world demands workers have the ability to comprehend and retain enormous amounts of new information and read quickly. If knowledge is power, today’s professional must learn more so the business can earn more.

With all of the emails, newspapers, journals, memos, books, trade publications, faxes, letters, etc., how does an organization keep up with all the industry, business, and company information it must absorb? Inefficient and slow reading costs companies money.

This program will teach your organization revolutionary proven techniques to improve your employees’ ability to catch up, keep up and get ahead. Imagine how much more your organization could accomplish if they could save time and read up to FOUR times faster!

With Kwik Reading’s proven techniques, your employees can increase their reading speed and even comprehend more of what they read.


In this ONE DAY seminar your team will discover:
  • The 5 Obstacles to Effective Business Reading
  • How to Improve Reading Speed 25% – 50% Instantly!
  • Reading Exercises to Improve Speed 200% to 500%!
  • Whole-Brain Reading Techniques to Dramatically Enhance Comprehension!
  • Why We Lose Focus and How to Get it Back!
  • 3 Steps to High-Powered Reading Comprehension!
  • Reading Retention & Recall Secrets!
  • Advanced Time-Saving Skimming/Scanning Methods!
  • Better Methods for Online Reading!
  • The Correct Way to Efficiently Read Newspapers & Magazines!
  • How to Create the Optimal Reading Environment!
  • Effective Note-Taking for Greater Retention!
  • 8 Steps to Studying, Retaining & Mastering Technical Reading!
  • And More

Who Should Attend?

Executives, employees, and managers who want to overcome overload, save time, reduce stress, stay current, and be more effective.

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