Kwik Thinking - 5 Weeks to a Faster,
Smarter & Better Mind

from the creator of Kwik Recall & Kwik Reading

I'll help you discover how you (and others) think and really learn – and show you the exact steps and specific directions to do it better, smarter and faster so you can conquer problems, make fruitful decisions, be more creative, overwrite limiting beliefs, be a more confident learner and multiply your success!

Are you ready to…

  • Enhance your reading & memory results!
  • Think faster on your feet!
  • Improve your decision-making, problem solving and creativity!
  • Learn how to assess other people's thinking style (to improve relationships, training, sales, etc.!)
  • Discover how you learn best (so you can further magnify your reading and memory skills!)

According to science, the mind has almost an infinite potential for learning and thinking. The challenge is that no one has shown us how to tap into this vast potential. This series will provide you with an owner's manual for your brain, and give you the most powerful & effective thinking tools available to learn anything w/ greater speed, focus, & enjoyment.

This program meets once a week for five consecutive weeks. Each module comes with a video lesson, assessment, and application/exercises, and PDF notes review, enhance and apply your new skills, strategies and abilities to your real life.

In Just 5 Weeks, You Will Discover
Revolutionary Thinking Skills:

  • Multiple Intelligences – Learn your 8 natural intelligences and methods for improving each
  • The key to jump starting your thinking processes
  • Your preferred learning, thinking and communication styles
  • One little known step to crystal clear thinking
  • Logical, inductive and deductive thinking forms for greater power
  • How to eliminate or reduce mind wandering static
  • Jim’s recommended reading & resources
  • Note taking skills to boost recall and remembering (you weren’t taught these in school!)
  • Brain Anatomy 101
  • Activating your optimal learning state for rapid recall
  • Creating your optimal learning environment so better thinking happens naturally
  • Stress busters to promote relaxed and calm thinking
  • Decision making for smart people
  • Time saving strategies of successful leaders
  • Sparking creativity and imagination
  • Mental math tricks that will amaze yourself and others
  • Brainstorming for electric ideas
  • Mental games for brain fitness
  • Capturing ideas before they get away
  • How to teach using the learning strategies of others
  • Music for the mind
  • Simple tactics to change your thoughts and influence your emotions
  • Brain Aerobics – Simple & fun exercises to strengthen your mind and sharpen your thinking
  • And so much more!

Plus 3 Additional Bonus Weeks

  • Genius Thinking – Thinking tips from history's geniuses (Einstein, Da Vinci, Disney & more)
  • Power Note taking – Whole brain note taking techniques for better learning & organization
  • Smart Thinking – Latest methods for better decision making, problem solving & creativity
"This was a fun, stimulating, invigorating, interactive day full of learning information, projects, involvement & group interaction. Jim is a dynamic instructor full of fascinating knowledge and learning skills. You'll love this training - it's totally stimulating - like a jumpstart for your brain."
Susan Simmerman


Get Immediate Access to Lesson #1 and Discover one of the best thinking tools for solving problems & making decisions!
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Future lessons to follow each week.

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This program has a full 30-day money back guarantee. We believe in it and we believe in you. Take the entire memory program, and if your memory has not dramatically improved, just let us know for a full and prompt refund.

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